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Clearing Thoughts Counselling is an international trauma service working with the mind and body, to help assist and support a person in emotional or psychological difficulty. This intense proactive therapy focuses on prevention, intervention and recovery related to these five key fields Stress; Anxiety; DepressionTrauma and Abuse. How many times have you tried to avoid or denied you needed help, but where do you go? Who do you see? How can you explain the unexplainable when you do not understand your self what has suddenly happened. How many times have you gone to your GP and been provided with medication for support and nothing else? Then you fear addiction when you have been given the medication and did not take it. Does this sound familiar? Yes, there is more than medication. Medication is given to you only for a brief moment in time to allow you to do something different while you recover.

That is where I support and assist you implementing coping strategies used by individuals; couples; employees who have experienced who never thought they would need therapy to maintain or manage life suddenly for no reason something happens and they cannot mentally, physically or emotionally pick themselves up. There is nothing too challenging which we could not work on together.

The unspeakable shame associated with unresolved trauma, redundancy, identity change (unable to recognise your sense of self), separation, nervous breakdown, suicidal attempts or thoughts of suicide, detached from life, gambling, childhood trauma, adult pornography, prostitution, alcoholism, drugs, sexually promiscuous, affairs, panic attacks, childhood sexual abuse, neglect, rejection or abandonment, low self esteem, relationships, parenting, trust/acceptance issues, multiple personalities. 

Other forms of other abuse emotional/physical/psychological, which involves manipulation, sexual assault, feeling lostbereavementdistress with intense emotional pain and despair, which has left a person with low self confidence in trying to trust people again.  Click here for details other areas of counselling I deal with.

There is nothing we cannot work through together, even when you think there is nothing else left to try and no where else to go…

We all lead busy lives and then something happens…a life event or issue comes along like a car crash.  Are you alive, dead, safe or trapped?  Can you walk away and forget about it? Physically on the outside you might look the same, nobody sees anything different, so you must be ok?  Excellent you have survived, move on.

DaysWeeksMonthsYears, even decades pass.  Where are you now?  You question.  Did something else happen each time I walked away?  But then out of nowhere it happens again…that familiar sinking feeling.  When will it stop?  How long will this last and will I survive again?

No body knows what each impact has left on you on the inside or what your how is might have effected you, but after a period  of time it will reach a critical point where you are just about to lose either your sense of self, your job or your relationship or even your family…

It is about how we feel and react to something NOW in the PRESENT; how our body continues to behave in a similar way to PAST felt unsafe experiences, which we do not want or wish to repeat again in the FUTURE.

My main practise located in Oxted (East Surrey), which is within easy walking distance of the local train station and public transport. If you are travelling by car, free parking is on site or nearby.

Contact me now for a consultation prior to therapy and discuss what areas you wish to resolve, so I can help you achieve your goals by creating a better future.

Adults; couples and children (9+) who have previously entered or attempted therapy with other therapist have lost the belief they can come out of this experience and have reached a point, where there is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

You have the answers, to the questions you seek.  If you want to do something different and are prepared to work even at your lowest point, then I am here to bridge that gap; to assist, support, and ultimately bring you closure.

You can no longer afford to ignore it.  It is time to change… once a person knows that something will come to an end, their whole attitude changes too. My door is always open, now you just have to walk though it and I will be you on the other side…

…Now it is up to you.

Couples/Marriage/Relationship Counselling Managing a relationship in the aftermath of a personal trauma can be very difficult. Especially when current problems are being avoided or ignored by one partner in the relationship and it is hard to carry on alone with all the responsibilities of every day life to cope with. To read more about Couples Counselling click here.

Other areas of counselling I deal with

  • Clinical Diagnostic Assessment for Dissociative States/DID.
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Family Relationships/Parenting Issues
  • Post Traumatic Stress (PTS)

Client confidentiality is very important to me working in this field, I provide support, compassion, patience, awareness and understanding about the constant on going difficulties you face and how bringing these complex issues to counselling could be difficult for you.

Contact me to arrange an initial consultation:- (Work) 0704 090 1520 or (Email) Catherine@clearingthoughts.co.uk