Photo of Catherine Taylor Counsellor

Complex Trauma/Abuse & Relationship Therapist   Catherine Sonaram- Taylor

I offer an initial consultation prior to therapy in Oxted or a brief discussion via telephone/email, to establish and assess if we can work together.

Based on both my experience in working with individuals and couples in therapy, specifically related to Anxiety, Shame & Guilt, Anger, Relationship/Marriage issues, Stress, Sexual, Emotional, Psychological Abuse and Trauma.

Alternatively, is you are seeking a relaxing holistic treatment as part of your ongoing maintenance plan, you may enjoy the benefits of a Reiki treatment combined with my knowledge and experience of working in therapy.


I recommended we should discuss what areas are difficult for you, to see if we can work together.

Contact me to arrange an appointment:- 


~ INDIVIDUAL THERAPY 60mins £100.00 – £120.00

~ RELATIONSHIP THERAPY 60mins £160.00 (Couples)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CLINICS (11-3pm) 50mins:- £90.00

~ Parenting Anxiety & Stress Issues (Tuesday)

~ Infertility, IVF & Pregnancy Emotional Support (Wednesday)

~ Family Issues within the home (Thursday)

~ Relationship Issues with Family Members (Christmas/NewYear period) (Friday)

~ Reduced cost is available for individual (inc. FaceTime/Skype) therapy



A form of relaxation to help calm and rebalance, your nervous system by reducing general anxiety; tension, stress levels during a busy daily schedule.

~ Reiki Treatment 30mins – £45.00

~ Reiki Treatment & Therapy 60mins – £105.00


(Work) 0704 090 1520 / 07762 818102

(Email) ClearingThoughts@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE:- If I am unable to take your call, please leave either a voicemail message or email to book an appointment for either therapy or a treatment.