Session Fee

Every person has experienced some form of anxiety with panic attacks, shame with guilt, learning disabilities, anger, self-harm/hatred and suicidal thoughts. You can go through the experience and move or it can keep repeating itself over and over until you have reached a point of no return and faced with even more difficulties later on. When the going…it’s good, but when the issues becoming overwhelming and take a down turn then your world feels out of control no matter what anyone else tries to reassure and say it is going to be ok… deep down this is your turning point. What are you going to do?

Couples/Relationship sessions- Let’s bring some relief for both you and your partner to manage a relationship in a loving caring way by detangling those issues when you reach a crossroads to remain or face separation for the sake of your own health and the family. Nothing is a problem to address unless you choose to ignore it and pretend it is not affecting your relationship be this stress, emotional abuse, peri-menopausal/menopause, midlife crisis, family issues, separation/divorce, emotional, psychological abuse and trauma. A mutual solution can be found, if you both are in agreement to try.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions

~ Individuals 

~ University students

~ Adolescents 15/16yrs 

~ Couples 

Each session is £140.00/60mins

(Telephone) 01883 779204 (Email)