Based on both my experience in working with adolescents (14-17), adults, couples in therapy and business. On issues specifically related to anxiety with panic attacks, shame with guilt, learning disabilities, anger, self-harm/hatred and suicide.

Relationship/Marriage issues, stress, sex, stress management, family issues, separation/divorce, grief, emotional, psychological abuse and trauma.

Alternatively, is you are seeking a relaxing holistic treatment as part of your ongoing maintenance plan, you may enjoy the benefits of a Reiki treatment combined with my knowledge and experience of working in therapy.


*Sessions are held Face to Face online or alternatively in person undercover outdoors.


(Each of the sessions below lasts 60mins).

~ INDIVIDUAL THERAPY (18+) £130.00 (inc VAT)

THERAPY & REIKI £130.00 (inc VAT)


~ YOUNG ADULTS (14-17) – £130.00 (inc VAT)


Leave either a voicemail message or email to book a consultation.

(Telephone) 01883 779204  (Email)


Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10.30am-7.30pm

Friday 10.00am-4.00pm