Training, Qualifications & Experience

Catherine Sonaram-Taylor and Paul Mckenna

Me and Paul McKenna the Self Help Guru

For over fifteen years, I trained and qualified in areas, which have been associated with Complex Trauma or also known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) to include all forms of historical and current forms of abuse:-

  • Assessor/Therapist in Advance Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders/DID (Diagnosis endorsed by NHS)
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapist
  • Somatic Trauma Therapist
  • Couples/Relationship Therapist
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Debriefer
  • Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Counselling (Accredited) by BACP
  • Certificate in Humanistic Counselling
  • Master Reiki Practitioner in both Western Reiki/Eastern Reiki
  • Certified Decluttering/Life/NLP Coach

As a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I work to their standards and code of ethics; plus I am listed with the BACP website & Accredited Voluntary Register regulated by the government. 

I work in private practise, NHS Royal Voluntary Service, Employee Assisted Programmes (EAP) who require my expertise in cases related to complex trauma; anxiety; stress; depression; suicidal thoughts, relationship or abuse cases including critical incidents cases. I accept referrals from companies; organisations; insurance companies; self-referrals and from other professionals who are familiar with my work.

My ethos is change is always possible and everyone has the right to access good therapy, if they are ready to commit to improve their life it will be make a difference. It does not matter what you wish to talk about and there is no right or wrong. You just need to step through my door…where I will be waiting to greet you.

I have previously worked for Childhood Sexual Abuse/Rape Counselling service in Kent; a Christian Counselling Service in Kent; MIND; Male Rape/Abuse Counselling service in London and as a student college counsellor at West Sussex College working with adolescents 16+ and young adults.

Contact me to arrange an initial consultation:- (Telephone) 01883 779204 or (Email)


Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10.30am-7.30pm

Friday 10.00am-4.00pm