Common Individual Issues


I provide proactive psychotherapeutic counselling in three specialised fields of work Trauma; Abuse and Dissociation; to individuals; couples; employees who have experienced unresolved trauma; childhood trauma; panic attacks, childhood sexual abuse, neglect, rejection or abandonment, intra familial abuse (abuse within families), trans inter-generational issues (unresolved issues/beliefs inherited from one generation to the next), low self esteem, trust/acceptance issues, various forms of other abuse emotional/physical/psychological, which involves manipulation, separation, divorce, peri/menopause, bereavement, depression, anxiety and stress, which has left a person with low self confidence in trying to trust people again.

Some clients have felt depressed or anxious and contemplated suicide at times feeling a sense of loss or despair during their life involving various incidents, childhood school experiences such as bullying or current issues within the work place, experience life events which leave them feeling alone, vulnerable and helpless unable to cope or can be traumatic to the point the client experiences reoccurring fragmented flashbacks to re- adjustment to being an independent individual again after a relationship break up or after a period of separation can lead to personal identity problems; these can include starting a new relationship or commitment with a partner; intimacy issues associated with trust after an adult or childhood trauma; managing difficult personal relationships, grief associated with different times of the year including on going issues with family members, memories they are struggling to process alone from a recent or historical crisis.

These experiences can sometimes leave a person with a mixture of feelings and thoughts covering some issues of trauma involving self-harm; bereavement; anger; guilt; shame; depression; anxiety; dissociative state (as though the trauma was happening to somebody else leaving a sense of numbness as though in shock or blank thoughts); nightmares; flashbacks; loneliness; insecure; fearful; isolated; suicidal; withdrawn; distressed and many more.

Sessions are available on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

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