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“Acutely emotionally distressed. Extremely depressed and anxious. Angry about life and the violation.” (Before) (After) “A worthwhile life investment on oneself. A place of validation and listening without judgement. Specific help for my issues – very much needed.” – Female, 33+ Surrey

“Anxious, nervous, unsure of what to expect…now I feel hopeful. I felt the sessions me be feel at ease and was able to take my own time to get my thoughts out” Male, 44+ Kent

“I’m leaving with strength to find me!!! I was a mess when I started, having felt like I’ve been rolled over with a steam roller!! I’m coming out the other side.” – Female 56+ Surrey

“Absolutely distraught and at the end of my tether.”. (Before) (After) “Much better! Relationship counselling has been the making of my marriage and has helped clarify some personal issues that I still need to work on.” “Catherine was very good in helping through a crisis and started me thinking about how to help myself with ‘old’ trauma.” – Female, 49+ Surrey

“Therapy was enjoyable, approachable and challenging all at the same time. Before, I was concerned about my state of mind and the state of our marriage. Now, I am in a much better position to understand my feelings. The consequences and impact they have on me and how to deal with them.” – Male, 42+ Surrey

“Very depressed and anxious about the future – trying to make sense of my mums diagnosis and impact or family was causing great distress.”. (Before) (After) “Able to cope with the situation far better than before and manage the emotions which have such an obvious impact on me.” – Male, 33+ West Sussex

“Stressed, depressed, sad, lonely, angry. – I am calmer, happier and have a much more clear mind. Has given me my confidence back to move forward with life and the decisions I am making.” – Male, 35+ West Kent 

“I was depressed, lost and scared – I found the process extremely empowering an educational.”. (Before) (After) “On top of the world! I have clear vision of how I will carry myself in the future and I am embracing the challenge. Catherine was excellent, professional, tactful and insight-inducing.”  – Male, 45+ Surrey

“Worried about almost everything in my life. I felt hopeless. Now more positive about life and that my future will be ok. I can learn to deal with things better at home and work.” – Male, 35+ Surrey

“Worried counselling would not work. It was far better than I had anticipated was given tools to help with issues that I have previously struggled with. Now I feel more relaxed – not much anxiety – more in control of situations both mentally and emotionally.” – Male, 54+ Surrey

“Very happy with the quality and results. I was low; depressed; angry with myself – Now more positive and happier in my journey. Very comforting and straightforward.” Male, 54+ Surrey

“Very distressed and struggling to cope. She has really helped me to focus and think about where I want to go to next.” – Male, 29+ Surrey

“Before I was very low – no control over my emotions and very anxious. Counselling with Catherine has been incredibly helpful – even though I was doubtful and resistant, Excellent it is at the same time it took away my anxiety.” – Female, 63+ Surrey

“Shit!”. (Before) (After) “Upbeat, I view myself in a different way – getting to accept and understand self more.” – Male, 53+ Surrey

“On the surface, a mixture of happy and anxious.  Not far beneath the surface, I doubted my own worth and I didn’t like myself very much.”. (Before) (After) “Complete.  I feel all the parts of me that used to conflict and undermine each other, now sit together in one happy, self-accepting whole.” – Male, 50+ Surrey

“Nervous, exhausted and lost.”.  (Before) (After) “Less anxious, calmer, more energy and I have clearer thoughts. Excellent service” – Female, 45+ Surrey

“Scared and very panicky about the whole process never had counselling before in my life. Now my confidence has improved and I like the new me who is developing.” – Female, 35+ West Sussex

Catherine is very good, made me feel at ease and offered good support. “I felt anxious as I didn’t really know what to expect or if it would help.” (Before) (After) “It has been beneficial and has helped me to understand why I feel the way I do about certain things.” – Female 46+, Kent

“Optimistic. Didn’t know if it would help.” (Before) (After) “Grateful that I have been able to talk about everything, and allowed me to be emotional.” – Male 59+, Surrey

“Catherine is good listener and can read between the lines to get to the root of your issue. I have always felt comfortable discussing my issues, knowing I am not being judged – just listened and understood. The sessions have been very calming and I always left feeling better than when I arrived! Catherine is obviously a very experienced and knowledgeable therapist.” – Female 38+, London

“Extreme sadness, unable to function & think clearly. Catherine was a huge help to me, especially in areas regarding my sadness & moving forward.” – Female 62+, Surrey

“I was confused; stressed; panicking and upset. She provided me with effective serious coping strategies and I have come away with a way forward. Have been guided to get to this position, more positive about the future; more relaxed and less panic at work.” – Female 56+, Surrey

“Struggling to come to terms with my situation. Not seeing a way forward.” (Before)(After) “Coming to terms with what has happened. I face the unknown with what I want in the future. Catherine was very help in giving me an insight to what has happened.” – Male 41+ , West Sussex

“Very anxious; nervous; low mood due to circumstances elsewhere.” (Before) (After) “Much, much better. My mood has increased and my anxiety has significantly lowered. Catherine is a very genuine and caring counsellor. Having someone to talk to who sympathised so much with my situation it was wonderful.” – Male 35+, Surrey

“Troubled; stressed; anxious”. (Before)(After) “I feel free, refreshed and ready to move on to what my next journey in life looks life or is going to be. She opened me up to different ways of thinking, and how to look at things, but also making me realise I am in the picture too.” – Female 40+, London

“Fed up, depressed and needed help.” (Before)(After) “Relieved, I have a clearer head and feel more positive about things.” – Female 22+, Surrey

“I was put at ease and made to feel like I wasn’t being judged. The sessions are deep without being aggressively so and managed in a way that mean’t I never felt rushed. Before I felt low, like my existence didn’t matter. Now it’s like I have a sense of freedom. Much more confident and happy – I can enjoy life. Counselling has been life changing in that I feel like a different version of me. Catherine has opened my eyes up to my problems and causes.” – Male 33+, West Sussex.

“I was in a very low place. I had no motivation or confidence in myself. I thought I was all washed up and would like to have retired from life.” (Before) (After) “I am so much better now I realise this was not my fault. I have more confidence in myself now. However, I realise have started a journey now and that I have a way to go.  I think Catherine has a great strength in empathy for her patients and she seems to how what I was thinking and feeling before I did.” – Male 64+, Surrey

“Anxious, unsure, concerned about how life was going.” (Before) (After) “Eager to live life and explore, more certain in myself. I got all that I needed and much more!” – Male 22+, Surrey

“Anxious, terrified, scared. I was not going to go on.” (Before)(After) “I know how to control the emotions better to help me keep fighting. Catherine was very good at helping me understand why I feel what I do and how to mange it.” – Female 36+, London

“Excellent experience, was anxious, stressed and exhausted. Now light, far more content and positive. It was far better than I could have imagined!” – Female 50+, Surrey

“A bit lost, no idea what to do or where to turn with the feelings I was having.” (Before) (After) “I feel like I understand a lot more about the dynamics and reasoning for why I have done what I have done or reacted in ways I have previously.  I have some now tools to help me with my everyday and a lot to ponder upon.” – Female 42+ London

“I felt like a broken, despondent and drifting person. I had contemplated suicide and felt dark and lost. I thought my life as over.” (Before) (After) “I feel amazing. Like a different person. I have a clearer sense of direction, I feel more emotionally balanced and in tune, and have a much deeper understanding of me. I would definitely recommend her. I felt she was caring, thoughtful, engaging and insightful. Always on hand if I ever had a crisis.” – Male 47+ Surrey

“I was worried for my marriage and very distressed. Now, I am more solid. The quality of counselling was outstanding. So honest and cut through a lot whilst maintaining barriers around what we could realistically do in two months.– Female 40+ Surrey

“Pretty bad…Now, definitely somewhat better.” – Male 53+ Surrey

“Very unhappy. In a black hole and knowing how to get out everyday.” (Before) (After) “Only fall in the black hole every so often, not all the time. Excellent service, Catherine was warm and welcoming, she listened and understood. I would recommend to anyone having issues. It has helped me.” – Female 43+ West Sussex

“I felt my marriage was ending. Catherine got in talking about difficult subjects, and now I have some tools to work with and I am much more hopeful!! Catherine was very good at keep us on course. She has been supportive to both of us. I have personally deal with some issue I was not aware of. This has worked for me personally.” – Male 42+ West Sussex

“Quite stressed with a lot on my mind and feeling unable to think clearly.” (Before) (After) “Very good. Problems unlocked and my thought process are much more free. Very relaxed.” – Male 52+ West Sussex

“Very low. (Before) (After) Feel there is hope, and light at the end of the tunnel and belief in I can change and cope with things.” – Female 41+ West Sussex

“Friendly, passionate about helping. Easy to talk to. Helped me in a moment of need when I was feeling suicidal, severely depressed, stressed, irritable. After eight sessions I feel better not severely depressed. Happy. Excited about the future. Huge weight has been lifted. – Thank you, you helped me so much in my moment of need.” – Male 28+ Surrey

“Catherine has definitely helped our marriage and given us tools for the future. Was despondent and tired; feeling happy, hopeful and excited about the future.” – Male 34+ London

“Catherine took me through a process of understanding my stress/anxiety & how to reduce the levels of stress. Very pleased, she challenged my perceptions.” – Male 52+ Surrey

“Nervous, but also relief that there could be a solution to the problem. I now feel better, but there is a long way to go. It is a good service and was delivered in a calm, caring tones, but with serious undertones.” – Female 34+ London

“It has been far more effective than I had anticipated. I now have a better sense of myself, therefore I am able to control myself better. I feel so much better. I know I’ve got some more work to do, but that doesn’t scare me like it would of done before I started, so that is a fantastic feeling to be having!” – Male 20+ Kent

“Angry, Rage and Broken”. (Before) (After) “Calm, focused and seeing things clearer” – Male 28+ South East London

“Very professional and very helpful. Catherine provides an excellent service. I was not very good before, but I am back to normal!” – Male, 63+ London

“Uncertain, scared, tense, negative, suicidal thoughts. – Now I am still uncertain at times, able to cope and reflective. The weekly session with Catherine & my wife was the only communication between the latter and myself. Catherine was able to diffuse heated situations and make conversations more constructive.” – Male, 52+ Surrey

“I was very anxious, sleeping very poorly, unable to relax. Now, I feel better on all fronts.” Male, 49+ London

“I felt stressed, anxious, isolated and overwhelmed.”. (Before) (After) “More balanced, able to engage with others again.” – Female 39+ Kent

“Professional, committed to the success of the client. Very good to link issues or concepts to make it easier to understand. Really enjoyed her services. I was not good at all.”. (Before) (After) “Much better, but several tools were shown to me to improve my situation further.” – Male, 33+ London

“Overwhelmed and alone.”. (Before) (After) “In control and more assertive. Catherine was very helpful and supportive with useful information.” – Female, 62+ Surrey


“Stuck in a rut, no way out.”. (Before) (After) “Light at the end of the tunnel, more confident, have more respect and thoughts for myself. Thinking of number one for a change.”  Male, 61+ West Kent

“I was unsure, overloaded and pressured. The quality of one to one, I felt Catherine listened to me and directed me. I feel encouragement to move forward positively with my goals instead of wasting them.” – Male, 35+ Surrey

“Before I felt horrendous. Very experienced and professional therapist, boundaried with an excellent service.” – Female, 51+ London

“Broken.”. (Before) (After) “I have targets and hope. Catherine gives a sense of peace and allows me to take a step back.” – Female, 30+ Surrey

“Anxious, emotional, tearful.”. (Before) (After) “It felt important and therapeutic to make “breakthroughs.” She is helpful and not afraid to tackle issues.” – Male, 47+ Surrey

“Felt that I was understood and given ways to process/deal with my issues. I have very few sleep terrors now, which helps with my overall emotional feeling. Great service.” -Female,  27+ West Kent

“I was struggling. Now I feel I have some so far, key thing being its not all about control. The quality was very high, Catherine opened my eyes up to a bigger picture than I realised.” – Male, 56+ Surrey 

“I was a mess. Now I have more control of what I need to do to improve.” – Female, 39+ Surrey

“Poor, stressed, ill.”. (Before) (After) “Liberated!” – Male, 63+ London

“She knows her stuff!!! I was nervous before, but I am calm and more relaxed.” – Male, 47+ Surrey

“Before a mess and overwhelmed. I feel Catherine listened to what I needed and adapted her approach accordingly. Now I am calmer, more confident with a clearer understanding of the process at play.” – Female, 39+ Surrey

“I was incredibly disorientated, anxious and in shock. Now much calmer and grounded in life. I feel the quality of counselling offered and support I received was outstanding. Thank you.” – Female, West Sussex 37+

“Very anxious and could not stop worrying. Its been fantastic! Less anxious and I understand I need more time ‘me’ time.” – Female, 36+ West Kent

“Very down and confused.”. (Before) (After) “Have a better understanding of how to handle situations through work.” – Male, 51+ London

“I was in a terrible bad place – now I am more positive. I looked forward to the sessions and they helped me look differently at things.” – Male, 33+ Surrey

“Catherine has challenged my thinking which I have found helpful, especially her honesty – she doesn’t give platitudes but instead realistic views.” Female, 45+ Kent

“When I was lost when I began. Able to deal and understand my triggers better; happier, more confident a lot further forward than when I first walked in.”Female, 30+ West Sussex

“It has been difficult at times confronting many difficult situations but I have felt supported and heard through out. It has been a great experience. Thank you.” Female, 34+ West Sussex

“I was very low, there was a lot going on in my life and felt it very hard just to keep afloat. – Today I am a lot more relaxed and in control of most situations and generally very happy.” Female, 55+ Surrey

(Updated 2021)