“Absolutely distraught and at the end of my tether.”. (Before) (After) “Much better! Relationship counselling has been the making of my marriage and has helped clarify some personal issues that I still need to work on.” “Catherine was very good in helping through a crisis and started me thinking about how to help myself with ‘old’ trauma.” – Female, 49

“Therapy was enjoyable, approachable and challenging all at the same time. Before, I was concerned about my state of mind and the state of our marriage. Now, I am in a much better position to understand my feelings. The consequences and impact they have on me and how to deal with them.” – Male, 42 

“Very depressed and anxious about the future – trying to make sense of my mums diagnosis and impact or family was causing great distress.”. (Before) (After) “Able to cope with the situation far better than before and manage the emotions which have such an obvious impact on me.” – Male, 33

“Stressed, depressed, sad, lonely, angry. – I am calmer, happier and have a much more clear mind. Has given me my confidence back to move forward with life and the decisions I am making.” – Male, 35

“Worried about almost everything in my life. I felt hopeless. Now more positive about life and that my future will be ok. I can learn to deal with things better at home and work.” – Male, 35

“Before I was very low – no control over my emotions and very anxious. Counselling with Catherine has been incredibly helpful – even though I was doubtful and resistant, Excellent it is at the same time it took away my anxiety.” – Female, 63

“On the surface, a mixture of happy and anxious.  Not far beneath the surface, I doubted my own worth and I didn’t like myself very much.”. (Before) (After) “Complete.  I feel all the parts of me that used to conflict and undermine each other, now sit together in one happy, self-accepting whole.” – Male, 50

Catherine is very good, made me feel at ease and offered good support. “I felt anxious as I didn’t really know what to expect or if it would help.” (Before) (After) “It has been beneficial and has helped me to understand why I feel the way I do about certain things.” – Female 46

“Struggling to come to terms with my situation. Not seeing a way forward.” (Before)(After) “Coming to terms with what has happened. I face the unknown with what I want in the future. Catherine was very help in giving me an insight to what has happened.” – Male 41

“I was put at ease and made to feel like I wasn’t being judged. The sessions are deep without being aggressively so and managed in a way that mean’t I never felt rushed. Before I felt low, like my existence didn’t matter. Now it’s like I have a sense of freedom. Much more confident and happy – I can enjoy life. Counselling has been life changing in that I feel like a different version of me. Catherine has opened my eyes up to my problems and causes.” – Male 33

“I was in a very low place. I had no motivation or confidence in myself. I thought I was all washed up and would like to have retired from life.” (Before) (After) “I am so much better now I realise this was not my fault. I have more confidence in myself now. However, I realise have started a journey now and that I have a way to go.  I think Catherine has a great strength in empathy for her patients and she seems to how what I was thinking and feeling before I did.” – Male 64+, Surrey

“Anxious, terrified, scared. I was not going to go on.” (Before)(After) “I know how to control the emotions better to help me keep fighting. Catherine was very good at helping me understand why I feel what I do and how to mange it.” – Female 36

“I felt like a broken, despondent and drifting person. I had contemplated suicide and felt dark and lost. I thought my life as over.” (Before) (After) “I feel amazing. Like a different person. I have a clearer sense of direction, I feel more emotionally balanced and in tune, and have a much deeper understanding of me. I would definitely recommend her. I felt she was caring, thoughtful, engaging and insightful. Always on hand if I ever had a crisis.” – Male 47

“I was worried for my marriage and very distressed. Now, I am more solid. The quality of counselling was outstanding. So honest and cut through a lot whilst maintaining barriers around what we could realistically do in two months.– Female 40

“Very unhappy. In a black hole and knowing how to get out everyday.” (Before) (After) “Only fall in the black hole every so often, not all the time. Excellent service, Catherine was warm and welcoming, she listened and understood. I would recommend to anyone having issues. It has helped me.” – Female 43

“I felt my marriage was ending. Catherine got in talking about difficult subjects, and now I have some tools to work with and I am much more hopeful!! Catherine was very good at keep us on course. She has been supportive to both of us. I have personally deal with some issue I was not aware of. This has worked for me personally.” – Male 42

“Quite stressed with a lot on my mind and feeling unable to think clearly.” (Before) (After) “Very good. Problems unlocked and my thought process are much more free. Very relaxed.” – Male 52

“Catherine has definitely helped our marriage and given us tools for the future. Was despondent and tired; feeling happy, hopeful and excited about the future.” – Male 34

“It has been far more effective than I had anticipated. I now have a better sense of myself, therefore I am able to control myself better. I feel so much better. I know I’ve got some more work to do, but that doesn’t scare me like it would of done before I started, so that is a fantastic feeling to be having!” – Male 20

“Uncertain, scared, tense, negative, suicidal thoughts. – Now I am still uncertain at times, able to cope and reflective. The weekly session with Catherine & my wife was the only communication between the latter and myself. Catherine was able to diffuse heated situations and make conversations more constructive.” – Male, 52

“Stuck in a rut, no way out.”. (Before) (After) “Light at the end of the tunnel, more confident, have more respect and thoughts for myself. Thinking of number one for a change.” Male, 61

“Anxious, emotional, tearful.”. (Before) (After) “It felt important and therapeutic to make “breakthroughs.” She is helpful and not afraid to tackle issues.” – Male, 47

“Before a mess and overwhelmed. I feel Catherine listened to what I needed and adapted her approach accordingly. Now I am calmer, more confident with a clearer understanding of the process at play.” – Female, 39

“I was incredibly disorientated, anxious and in shock. Now much calmer and grounded in life. I feel the quality of counselling offered and support I received was outstanding. Thank you.” – Female, 37

“I was very low, there was a lot going on in my life and felt it very hard just to keep afloat. – Today I am a lot more relaxed and in control of most situations and generally very happy.” Female, 55

(Updated 2024)