Bullying in The Workplace

Relational/social bullying still exists in the workplace, which we once associated with events at school.   It currently stands as one of the main underlining causes for absence away from work and declines further in issues related to anxiety, stress and depression as reported in the following article from Bullying UK – http://www.bullying.co.uk/bullying-at-work/relational-bullying-at-work/

Without appropriate immediate intervention it can lead to a nervous break down, bouts of depression, panic attacks and even suicide.  Its time to change this ongoing trend and support a valued workforce.  Employers do not need to understand the in depth issue regarding each case other than creating a better working environment, just get the right support in place to prevent this from happening again to make a difference.

Companies ensure there are always immediate access to desk support teams around the UK or worldwide, which are in place to support servers if they should suddenly go down.  What is there available for your employees to access in their personal time and for how long to maintain their productivity?

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